Solver Announces Groundbreaking, All-Inclusive Licensing Model

    Every Solver Suite User to Have Full Access to All Product Modules and Connectors


    LOS ANGELES — August 16, 2023 —Solver, an award-winning global leader in cloud-based Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software including Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting, Consolidations, and Dashboard solutions for mid-market customers, today announced new, all-inclusive licensing that eliminates traditional “add-on” concerns by automatically including all product modules and connectors in each Solver user license at no additional cost.

    Typically, companies in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) industry sell complex, modular CPM software that is priced by component. This prevents many organizations from leveraging competitive business tools such as data-source connectors; budgeting, forecasting, and consolidations capabilities; database modules; and report publishers. Solver’s innovative, all-inclusive licensing breaks the traditional industry model to drive its mission of “accelerating better decisions” for all organizations.

    “With Solver’s new, all-inclusive licensing model, organizations no longer have to analyze which modules they need for their initial purchase,” said Tad Remington, Chief Commercial Officer, Solver. “This eliminates the frustrating complexity of projecting total subscription costs when adding integrations and modules after the initial purchase, and it helps our customers empower their entire staff with the full insight of CPM software immediately.”

    Solver’s all-inclusive licensing will also help ERP resellers easily bundle the Solver Suite into ERP sales. It is simple for anyone to calculate accurate costs, instantly, when all product modules and connectors are automatically included at no additional cost.

    “Our goal is to empower every organization to fully utilize all features in Solver as soon as they need them,” said Nils Rasmussen, CEO, Solver. “With this model, it is very easy to estimate current and future subscription costs, and customers know that the Solver Suite will help all their staff members leverage planning and analytics capabilities without any worry about additional module or connector purchases.”

    Watch a demo of the Solver Suite to learn more about Solver.

    About Solver

    Founded in 1996, Solver has won countless awards for its Corporate Performance Management solution that delivers FP&A solutions to meet midsize business needs. The CPM solution provider has been repeatedly named a CPM Leader by G2. Solver integrates with leading ERPs and is sold through our global offices and worldwide network of partners. Please visit or contact to learn more.

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